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After being involved in worship at C3 Oxford Falls for over 20 years and  spending 12 of those years as the Music Director, Ryan is now the Faculty Head of Music at C3 College. With 25 worship albums behind him and having collaborated as a writer on over 100 songs, Ryan brings a wealth of experience when it comes to prophetic worship and musicianship, worship team leadership, pastoring creatives and helping musicians to consecrate their lives in the local church.

The life of a worship leader is never without resistance, and therefore, the purpose of this masterclass is to provide practical, biblical and prophetic training and insight into how to combat the contrary forces that attempt to shut down the worshipper in you. The masterclass will also include training, that empowers the local church musician to change atmospheres, host the Holy Spirit and build ministry platforms in worship for the preaching of the word.

The goal for this masterclass is that you would leave with an understanding of how to shift darkness in worship and to be given access from the Holy Spirit to be consistent and stable in the role of a worship musician in the present day local church.


Why Attend a WORSHIP Masterclass?


Maximise the musical gift you’ve been given

Spend time in worship with other musicians; understanding the fusion between the mechanical and spiritual side of worship and how the two coexist. Learn how to transition between songs effectively, play for different types of altar calls with conviction and sensitivity and the role you have on your specific instrument.


Join the discussion amongst like minded people

There will be many opportunities to ask questions, share thoughts and discuss ideas amongst one another. Times of discussion are always thought provoking and informative and will be relevant regardless of where you are in the journey as a worshipper.


Take hold of the alternative perspectives of expert trainers

Broaden your understanding as you hear from other accomplished worship leaders and musicians. Soak in the revelation you’ll receive from each coach.


Enjoy excellent hospitality

Lunch each day will be included in our time together because communion is vital for musicians. It allows for the vulnerability and community needed to minister together effectively in a creative and emotional environment.





Daniel Baptista - C3 Oxford Falls

"Something beautiful happens when you bring a dozen or so singers and musicians together for three days with a common goal.  But what happens when their goal is to break through to a new level in their journey with Jesus?  And what happens when that level of faith collides with world class instruction on how to skillfully navigate both the spiritual and practical aspects of worship?  It creates an intensely powerful and formative experience!  I've been to seminars and classes in the past that taught this topic well, but this Masterclass went beyond lectures and into an immersive, Holy Spirit led experience.  We explored deep Biblical truths, but we also witnessed those truths in action, as something special was pulled out of each of us.  God poured so much into us during that time that it's difficult to identify a single reason why every leader in the world of worship should attend this Masterclass.  But I know this; I will carry lessons and experiences from that week for the rest of my life!”

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Israel Cook - Hope Chapel, NZ

"This Masterclass was probably one of the most important three days I can ever remember. Ryan had an extensive amount of wisdom and knowledge and he was able to bring years and years of experience to our class. The word theology had always made me cringe and I’d never been educated in this topic but I found the whole thing fascinating and it created a hunger in me to know and learn more. It has shown me that I want to lead worship from a place of firm understanding of the Word of God. To know God’s Word on the inside and to be able to bring it out whenever I am leading worship, is something I want to step into on a greater level now.”


Don Buentipo - C3 Darwin

"I had a great experience with Ryan Smith at the Masterclass; his teachings on worship ministry has be invaluable to me and will continue to be valuable for our music team in Darwin.

One of the benefits I had found in attending the Masterclass was the reinforcement of “why”, both at the team level and personal level. By undertaking this class, it has increased my awareness and boldness in serving God and in the music team. With this in mind, it was extremely powerful on stage as we worshipped and ministered together during practical exercises. The Holy Spirit in the room was unstoppable!

I would recommend this Masterclass because it continues to encourage and challenge me and reminds me to always ask the important questions of why we serve in the worship team.”

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Emily Toma - C3 Adelaide Hills

"I came over for the Worship Masterclass filled with anticipation; we all know anything can happen when you gather worshippers together! My experience was beyond anything I could have hoped for. The Theology of Worship, Moving in the Spirit, Song writing and the Prophetic all tucked into three days. As a Music Director, I came home carrying a bar of gold, ready to be shared with the team. What was imparted over those three days will have a long term influence on the sound of worship in the Adelaide Hills. I would recommend this Masterclass without a second of hesitation, you won’t regret it!”

Jerry Sun - C3 Hong Kong

"The common struggle for worship teams in the churches of Hong Kong, is usually due to the lack of adequate musicians who can play in time and hit the right notes. But this Masterclass has taught me that to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and flooded with God's presence, is what will guide a team to musical excellence.

How often do we forget to let God do the work within us? In worship, and in life. Wherever we hope to expand and find prosperity, we must also expand our spirituality. With a new level of the overwhelming presence of God, I have stretched into a larger vessel. This is the most precious outcome I have received from this Masterclass.”


The Details


Dates & TIMES

2020 dates coming soon!

Tuesday to Thursday
9.00 - 5.00


Food & Accommodation

Your lunch each day is included in your registration fee. C3 College also has a premium cafe available on campus for you to order excellent coffee and snacks throughout the day.

The cost of accommodation is not included in your registration fee. 
Our recommendation is to try and arrange accommodation with family or friends if you are from outside of Sydney. 


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$1100 per person